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Hope You like the art in the gallery :D And My story the Darkness Within


Woo! School sure is tough with all these applications, FAFSA, and the grades. I haven't been drawing or writing much due to it. Same for my friend, but we try as much as we can, though soon if hopefully we graduate, goodness im going to party by drawing a lot, writing and completing the story during the summer and more i guess. It's just quite stressful, anyway, i never forgot any of you, I finally got Flipnote 3D as well, i saw some of :iconantihedgehog: :iconagentkit95: :iconwahaya-averus::iconsilver-sealmn::iconaskbriannawolfia: 's RP's I had with them. And many more, but i sadly don't know if they have a DA or not. I have most of the parts in my SD Card. I laughed and smiled, ya many memories and many unfinished good RP's down the drain. It's what brought us together and made us friends in the first place. I hope someday we can do that again. Well anyway, I love ya all and i never forgot about any of you. Remeber that.

Peace out.

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Name: Twister Chaos Tornado

Species: Hedgehog

Status: Taken :heart:

Age: 16

Weapon: Cross bow hidden blades

Story: When Twister was 5 years old, both him and his brother were separated due to some attack in the forest. He wanted to stay and help and show his brother he can finally fight. Danger refused to let his brother get hurt in a fight that he can not fight at all, as a result he ordered Twister to run as far and fast as possible from the area of the fight. Twister, being the obedient child of the family, listens to him and runs 6 miles away from the fight. Realizing that he could have shown his brother that he is brave, he runs back to the fight to help him. When he arrived at the fight, it was too late for the young hedgehog, Danger. He was lying on the grass, not a move, not a twitch, or a breath would come. Twister confirmed his own brother was gone and was never going to return....A few days later, he decided to make a proper burial for his one and only favorite brother. Crying at his grave, he stared at the shades his brother gave him and stared at them with tears dropping on to them. He vowed to avenge, the only family he had left in hid entire life. He decided to show no fear to anyone he encounters like his own brother did, but he tends to be his good self. 10 years since the passing of his brother, time to time he gets the nightmares of what traumatized him from anyone who cared about him dying would freak him out and put him on a nervous break down. Right now he currently lives with his besfriends/team mates and tries his best not to mention what happened 10 years ago, even though he wants too.

:iconshadowga1: 's Funsize and Yu world

Name: Alan

Age: 17

Status: Taken :heart:

Desc: Its basically all you know about me :3

Ask the O.C.'s : Ask the O.C'sYou can now ask my o.c's questions! They will gladly answer the questions you ask! Ask as many as you'd like! ^.^
 Also more characters to ask here:    
Go on ahead if u like :3
-Twister Chaos Tornado       -Ice
-Destiny The Firefox            - Aaron (A.T.'s son)         -Queen Alice
-Rosy Sparx              - Ivan ( Ice's son)         - The Queen of Darkness
-Renon Sage            - Windia (Wind's daughter)     - Ink the Demon
-Dark Twister (D.T.)            - Dimitri (D.T.'s son)                  
Feel free to ask any question's

:icondangerchotictornado: ( My Brother ): Protects me alot .___.
:iconantihedgehog: (Hatena Friend): My first Hatena friend :) she has yet to betray our friendship
:iconshadowga1: (Best Friend): My main co-worker and friend for years o3o
:icondimondisyu: (My Friend-Brother): My bro here :D and best friends Boyfriend XD
:iconsonic094: (Kick Ass sis ): Best friends sister and a good troller XD makes me laugh
:iconsubjectepsilon: (Friend-Brother): Watches over my best friend for me
:icondragonsega: (shared acc with best friend)
:iconstarly-knight: (Awesome Hatena Friend): I love her art
:iconsonicgeek22: (Awesome Hatena friend): So silly love her art too
:iconsilver-sealmn: (Awesome Hatena ) i worry about her
:iconwahaya-averus: (Le D.T.'s Wife) Yes!~ wonder where she always is?
:iconagentkit95: ( Granites Wife :D who accepts him XD in our world)
:iconargenish: (My bffs Twin and other protector)
:iconsonadowisforever: (My chao companion)
:iconfingrprints: Funny friend she cool too so random!


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